Apply for Global AMP Preliminary Phase

Dear Global-AMP-to-be,

Welcome to the Global AMP Program, Phase 1 – Preliminary. Hereunder is a 2-part selection round: The Self-introduction Letter and the Motivation Challenge. This round is designed as an alternative to the Initial Interview.

“Global AMP” is born with the meaning that the true Marketing Leader must have the complete two aptitudes of Professional Competency (or Authentic Marketing) and Leadership Competency (or Authentic Partner). Those two combined criteria AM and AP are called Authentic Marketing Partner or Global AMP. This is the annual recruitment and coaching program of IMAS Marketing Partner in exclusive collaboration with the AP Program of ProSelf.

05 vertical functions that is open for application are:

  • Group Account Manager
  • Authentic Creative Director
  • Customer Success Director
  • Authentic Operations Director
  • Product Owner

The Program aims to seek, accompany and develop suitable partners in line with our philosophy. You can learn about IMAS’ human resource philosophy at this link.

After only 2 years, starting from a Trainee, you will grow in capability and sense of responsibility to become the Director of the hottest positions in Marketing at any large corporation. This is a journey full of challenges, yet a lot of fun, for you to discover yourself. It also requires special attitudes and competencies from the participants. In order to select the most suitable candidates, IMAS designs this letter to understand:

  • Your feelings about IMAS Marketing Partner

  • Your feelings about The Global AMP program

  • Your expecations about the Program and your career calling

  • Your perspectives in the Marketing/Customer Success/Operations field

All of this content will help IMAS understand you better, and helps you understand about IMAS and the Global AMP Program at the same time. Please open your heart and authentically share your inside thoughts.

Warm Regards,


Let IMAS introduce ourselves first, next is your turn.

Established in 2010, IMAS positions ourselves as an Authentic Marketing Partner, meaning a true Marketing partner. Unlike most media agencies, IMAS has an In-house Marketing Partner (IMP) service to build and take charge of the internal Marketing department for brands. IMAS serves the executive board of Go Group and is a member of Lewis Global. Therefore, our IBS (International Brand Success) business unit rides the wave of blossoming media projects across Asia.

At IMAS, there are no bosses/employers and employees, but customers and service providers. Every person working at IMAS is an entrepreneur and self-lead their own work.

Self Introduction Letter



Feelings about IMAS and the Global AMP Program

Next, please share with us how you feel about IMAS & the Global AMP Program.



Your perspective on Marketing

Share with us your insights and perspectives on Marketing. This is going to be a very interesting part, and you will be applying your insights in the next round of the AM test. You can read Principles of Marketing - Philip Kotler (Chapter 1)

For the program you are applying for, please fill in your perspectives on the respective program below.



Your perspective on the Account

The Account is regarded as one important link, both internal and external to clients/customers. They are the ones who ensure a good relationship between customers and the corporation, take good care of customers, and bring them the highest satisfaction. Therefore, this position also requires quite a lot of skills.


Your perspective on the Creative

Different from the usual Creative Director (CD), ACD is a person who can use a variety of different forms of content to remove barriers to help customers come to a purchasing decision.


Your perspective on the Customer Success

Customer Success is an important position to lead and develop the customer community according to the philosophy of customer success.



Your perspective on the Operations

Authentic Operations always optimizes organization and project operations to bring the most satisfaction to stakeholders and especially customers in the project.



Your perspective on the Product Owner

Product Owner  has the highest responsibility for the product and is the person who leads the development of a technology product and takes care of the development of this product to achieve the common goals of stakeholders and customers.